Pilates is a powerful discipline developed by Joseph Pilates. It endeavours to strengthen the “core” while also increasing flexibility and addressing postural imbalances which ultimately lead to pain. This form of exercise is not only for those who have back pain but is equally beneficial for all sportsmen, golfers and everyone who values good posture and an efficiently functioning physique. Basically, anyone who has a body needs and benefits from Pilates.

I teach Pilates on a one-on-one basis or with a maximum of 3 students per class. A combination of mat work, ball work and classic Pilates equipment is used depending on the client’s level of strength and needs. Each session is between 45 minutes to one hour in duration and incorporates flexibility, balance and strengthening exercises. It is always strongly suggested that a minimum of 8 classes are done individually before joining a group class.

Classes are not “one size fits all” as each person is different with varying needs and levels of fitness and strength. This is an incredibly effective form of exercise which I highly recommend for all age groups and levels of physical capabilities.

Learn to engage your core stabilisers correctly and banish your pain and discomfort while enhancing your sporting performance and your body’s efficiency.

Every single person – from a stressed executive to the elderly, with Tri-Athletes and iron men in-between – benefits from Pilates.

Online Pilates classes are also offered and are very effective for those who live overseas or cannot make it into the studio.