Read what our valued clients have shared about their experiences with BounceBack SA and how Fiona has transformed their lives.

Their stories are truly inspiring!

Fiona has been my reflexologist for many years and has helped me in a number of ways - by balancing my hormones, working on my liver and even on my digestive system. Her treatments are thorough and gently executed, ensuring maximum benefit. [By the end of the session, my feet feel lighter as if they are walking on air.]

Due to Fiona’s extensive knowledge in other healing therapies, such as Bowen and Pilates, she is able to look at the bigger picture of what’s happening to her clients with clarity and vision. This allows Fiona to offer the appropriate treatment. I’ve been lucky enough to have had sessions of Bowen and Pilates coupled with my reflexology for a thorough body reset.

Highly recommend Fiona!

A. Modari

Fiona is a genius Pilates teacher! Despite vast distances, a 7-hour time difference and contrasting seasons, she can always somehow tell exactly what my friend and I (in two different parts in Tokyo) need in each lesson. She knows when to give us a gentle class or when she can nudge us through our limits.

Fiona is kind, intuitive, warm, funny and extremely skillful as a teacher. I love how she is always learning new things in order to develop her own range of experience.


I cannot recommend Fiona and her Bowen Therapy highly enough. After two sessions, the pain in my body had tremendously improved. Even after the first session (although actually the symptoms took a while to improve), I felt so much more positive and calm mentally.

Anyone who suffers from a bad back or muscle tension will know how it gets you down after a while. Fiona is the person to get in touch with!


Bowen therapy is an integral part of my treatment while undergoing radiation for my cancer. Without it, I would not have managed the pain and fatigue.

B. Brien

Fiona is an absolute gem! Her expertise in health and fitness is more than remarkable, but what sets her apart is her mysterious ability to understand exactly what our body needs at any given moment, be it in a private session or a group class.

I had the incredible opportunity to be introduced to Fiona in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 and since then it has been an absolute pleasure to attend her sessions via Zoom on a weekly basis. No two classes are ever the same. Fiona always brings fresh and innovative exercises to each session. You never know what to expect, but you do know that at the end of each session every cell of your body will feel so much joy and strength.

Fiona genuinely cares about our progress and well-being. Her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates are truly contagious. Thank you so much Fiona for your bright smile and magic!


I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatment since 2009, but it has really been in the last 3 months executing Pilates that has made the difference. Through activation, core strengthening and stretching, I have been able to enjoy my golf again.

C. Steyn

I loved my studio sessions with Fiona, her range and diversity of skills and therapies is amazing. Her ability in the middle of a Pilates session to see the need for a Bowen treatment is quite unique and adds amazing benefits.

I started Pilates with Fiona and have really benefited from her guidance and training, both from fitness and flexibility perspectives.

R. Heinz