Pilates for Golfers

Pilates is an absolute must for golfers. Correct posture at the Address sets up the entire swing. Poor posture leads to decreased rotation and in turn a decrease of power. Increased flexibility in the torso, shoulders, as well as strong back, hip and abdominal muscles ensure a faster club head speed that is powerful and makes for longer and more accurate drives. Added to this, further benefits of Pilates for golfers are increased endurance – complete 18 holes pain-free, improved balance and coordination, a more stable pelvis for straighter drives….and of course….lower handicaps.

I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatment since 2009, but it has really been in the last 3 months executing Pilates that has made the difference. Through activation, core strengthening and stretching, I have been able to enjoy my golf again.

C. Steyn

I started Pilates for golf with Fiona three years ago and since then, my driving distance has increased by at least 30 meters. My balance and core strength are better and my game has noticeably improved. Fiona customises the exercises to work with my particular golf swing as to not exacerbate problems. I highly recommend going for Pilates with Fiona for any golfer who would like to improve their game.

Andrea Buys