Building Physical Strength

Building physical strength, flexibility and grace with Pilates online classes

Our new way of life has brought about a very different way of doing things. Who would have thought that so much of what we do daily would end up being done online, over the internet, you tube, facebook etc.

Yet here we are. Thanks to Zoom I and many other instructors have been able to take their sessions online. Clients are still able to continue their wonderful practice of Pilates without missing out on all the incredible benefits of this amazing exercise form.

A Zoom session can last from 15 minutes to an hour. It all depends on the instructor, the client and most importantly the goal of the session. I have found that sometimes all my client wants is a good stretch routine which I guide them through and it can last all of 20 minutes. A full hour is really not necessary to achieve change.

All that is needed is a laptop, cellphone or tablet plus Zoom app downloaded, a mat, and some special me time set aside. And don’t forget a stable internet connection! It helps if the client has extra equipment such as a large physio ball, a small soft ball and perhaps a theraband or pair of light dumbells. But generally, a body is the only piece of equipment needed for a full-on workout.

My Zoom sessions are a great success. Because most are one on one I can watch closely and do corrective exercises and see where the client is perhaps not performing the move correctly. Where there are more than one clients in a class, I will schedule a separate session with the particular client and coach them privately. I also send short video tutorials via WhatsApp – especially when the client is first starting out as it is important that they practice between sessions. The video tutorials are also informative and explain the reason behind the particular exercise thus helping it make more sense to the client. To be honest, I find online Pilates a lot more intensive that in person sessions. Perhaps less chatting? I’m not sure, but I know my clients and I definitely feel it afterwards.

Fiona is an absolute gem! Her expertise in health and fitness is more than remarkable, but what sets her apart is her mysterious ability to understand exactly what our body needs at any given moment, be it in a private session or a group class.
I had the incredible opportunity to be introduced to Fiona in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 and since then it has been an absolute pleasure to attend her sessions via Zoom on a weekly basis.
No two classes are ever the same. Fiona always brings fresh and innovative exercises to each session. You never know what to expect, but you do know that at the end of each session every cell of your body will feel so much joy and strength.
Fiona genuinely cares about our progress and well-being. Her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates are truly contagious. Thank you so much Fiona for your bright smile and magic!

Isabelle, Tokyo

The first session is usually a full consultation, recording the health history, any past injuries, niggles and pains, and then a postural assessment is conducted. From there an exercise protocol is put together so that the client can be guided and coached to an efficiently working and strong, flexible body. Usuallly a bit of homework is dished out as Pilates is a way of life…..its principles are not only to be practiced during a session but carried through every day activities.

The other upside of Zoom Pilates sessions is that they can be recorded and the client then has them on record to do again in their own time. Today, there really is no excuse to exercise. No transport is needed. No fancy gym kit is required. All that is asked for is commitment, the necessary tools such as a laptop, internet connection and a mat. And usually a sense of humour too… pets love to join in and share the screen too. Make online Pilates a way of life – and let go of physical tension, back pain, neck pain and stiffness. The benefits are endless.