Boost Immunity with Bowen Therapy

Prevention is more than just healthy eating and exercise… boost immunity with Bowen therapy and Reflexology.

Amidst all the panic and pandemonium surrounding Covid……I see very little about the importance of boosting our immune systems to protect our bodies against not only the virus, but also the associated fear and anxiety – the change in the way our lives are being lived, is creating underlying stress that is impacting our immune systems negatively and will have far reaching implications in years to come if we do not tackle this now.

Stress is often blamed for the onset of chronic pain and disease in the body…..and for good reason too. It’s subtle but devastating effects impac every system of the human organism. Starting with our hormones, the release and constant flow of adrenaline and cortisol becomes chronic and because we don’t relax sufficiently, these hormones remain in our bodies, having a follow on effect on our digestion, breathing, skin, quality of sleep, reproduction, etc.

I see this in my studio on a daily basis where clients present with neck and back pain, digestion troubles, headaches and migraines, arthritic conditions, anxiety, depression – all brought on by not listening to and taking heed of the negative consequences of remaining in a stressed state. What I do see as well though – are clients enjoying a Bowen therapy or Reflexology treatment and leaving feeling completely relaxed, their pain dissipated or at least minimised and, their stress and anxiety levels palpably diminished. Upon follow up, they inform me that their constipation eased, their headaches disappeared, and any aches and tension also released.

Stress affects our immune systems enormously. Any trauma – physical, mental or emotional, decreases our immunity towards antigens thus making us more susceptible to infections. Cortisol reduces the effectiveness of our immune system. Therapies such as Reflexology and Bowen therapy reduce the levels of cortisol enabling our parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems to regain momentum while quietening our sympathetic (fight or flight) responses. By taking the time to have a quiet, relaxing treatment, more good than can ever be imagined is being done to our body. We need to be preventative in our health care and that does not only mean healthy eating, exercise, or taking supplements, it also means treating our bodies and stimulating the reflex points on the feet to enable self healing to occur. Remember, when dealing with stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system is not only achieved through diet or exercise alone but through working on the physical aspect as well. Eventually our bodies will present with our worries in the form of aches, pains, and malfunction of our systems.

It is easy, it is not rocket science. Take an hour a week and book a Bowen therapy session or a Reflexology treatment. You owe it to yourself.